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We are grateful to see your interest in our site; its explores on a primary level a basic window into a diverse and internationally expanding practice of architecture and planning, now 35 years in business... yes, we "know a lot, but always still learning" from our home base strategically located in Covington, Kentucky, our reach has been nationwide and growing.


With each commission our knowledge base is advanced from two distinct approaches: project design and construction process. The founder having hand-on construction background and experience before becoming an architect, represents a unique package, a architect who builds. So with any project's from its very idea generation thru construction's completion, First World Architects Studio's Teams possess a thorough understanding as to how designs can and will become the reality envisioned by Clients. This value added character typically places our teams ahead in innovation and how to better "dance the dance" with limited project budgets.

First World Architects Studio's mission will continue to provide the feel right/creative solutions,  which contains a sensitivity of depth interlaced with a conscious understanding resulting from having the client dynamically participating from beginning (programming) through the end (project's completion). Our Teams, since 2008, utilize the latest technology programs like Revit (BIM: building Information modeling) to enhance any design and construction documents process.

First World Architects Studio most in comprehensive and diverse experience would be with historical buildings, which dates back 14 years prior to the firm's founding. Our practice, within past ten years have been engaged more with: adaptive reuse of older and historic facilities; forensic assessments; construction management as agent, and special owner's project representation.


Yet- our passion for a diversity of architectural types, remains as strong as ever. WE  LOVE  WHAT  WE  ARE  ABLE  TO DO  FOR  YOU.



Specializes in GREEN architecture, technologies and the physical as well as the monetary benefits of direct sustainability for clients.


This would also directly involve the longer term cost benefits relative to facilities maintenance and daily operational aspects.


FOUNDER/DIRECTOR OF Green Arch Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya

Registered Architect: Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee
National Certification of Architectural Registration Boards

With design and building responsibilities residing in Mr. Alexander—a modern day Masterbuilder—clients receives the following benefits:

     I.  Superior design....                                                                              

     II. Cost control and wise financial stewardship of the project… .

    III. Responsiveness to the project, the client, and emerging patterns of life….

    IV. The return of genuine artistic craftsmanship… 

     V. A higher standard for the built environment--control over construction &           involvement in the building which grants authority to maintain the project's

          design integrity while offering an freedom to continue designing thru the

          construction phase, at no extra cost, so buildings are perfected to higher 




        Specialized Experience:                                                        

Hands-on Construction - 41 years,  

Energy Retrofitting Buildings - 35 years,

Design/Build Projects - 22 years,

Adaptive Reuse ad Renovations - 42 years,

Multi-faceted Historical Buildings Expertise - 38 years

        Complex Capabilities:

Designing Buildings in Flood Plains

Earthquake Retrofitting and Building Planning

ADA Regulations/Building Codes Upgrades/Retrofitting

Campus-Wide Renovations/Planning

Building Prototype Designs and Systems

                                           DIFFERENTIATORS:                                                                                         SERVICES:          

Comprehensive Architectural Design

Project Programming/Master Planning 

Design/Build Maintenance Facilities

ADA Compliance Surveys/Upgrades

Building Envelope Forensic Assessments

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

LEED/Sustainable Design

Educational Planning/Visionary

Special Laboratory Renovations Systems Upgrades

Campus Wide Computer Centers

Historical Maintenance and Restoration Plan


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