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The Main Food Service Building (411) had experienced years of water infiltration at – ceilings & walls; along floor levels, through possibly windows and doors. Water entry had produced unsatisfactory conditions: rusting metal components, blistering plasterwork; damaged water stained or missing ceiling tiles; separation at roofing flashing into or around scuppers, etc.


Structurally in the past there had been area specific settlements in the floor system – which had produced cracks through the finish flooring materials existing in those areas points of stress. The scattered pattern/areas created by these stresses make for a quite challenging assessing an ideal solution.


Areas, such as: corridors, Food Prep and selective restrooms have vinyl tile in place onto of mastic that has been identified by project’s Asbestos Consultants as containing Asbestos (CAM); which requires special care demolition procedure as required by VA Standard Specs for this specific work.


The greatest challenge to the construction was keeping the business of food service at full operations, throughout the renovation work – then the new work, while maintaining a sanitize environment that does not jeopardize the healthy preparation of daily, weekly, & monthly meals.  


All work proposed  phased, as the continued operations of the Food Service Area had to be maintained; it is the primary center for all the meals preparation for the overall Medical Center.

Project Relevance
  • Correction of Water Penetration

  • Renovation to External Roof System

  • Repair to Box Gutters/Flashing Downspouts

  • Removal of Damage Ceramic Flooring

  • Asbestos Assessment (of select removal)

  • Phased Construction in occupied building

  • Cost Estimating

  • Utilization of VA Master Specifications

  • Project Scheduling


RENOVationS bLDG 411




Design 2008-09

Construction 2010

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